Dress Code

Belmont Middle School believes that appropriate dress contributes to a positive academic attitude and a formal culture for learning. Adherence to our school’s dress code demonstrates personal integrity, respect for one’s self and respect for our school community.

Clothing that displays inappropriate or distracting language or design is unacceptable and conflicts with our goal of promoting a positive academic attitude and culture of learning. Inappropriate or distracting language or design may include, but is not limited to:





Offensive language

Sexual innuendo

Insensitivity to any population or group

Promotion of violence

Our dress code requires that clothing must properly cover the individual. Student undergarments should not be visible. The following clothing is considered inappropriate at Belmont Middle School:

Shorts, skirts and dresses that are shorter than mid-thigh

Tops that expose one’s midsection, low cut tops, see through tops, tops with spaghetti straps, tank tops and basketball style jerseys without a t-shirt underneath

Excessively torn jeans/pants or shorts

Costume jewelry accessories (eg. cat ear headbands, face masks, oversize glasses, etc.)

There may be times, such as a dance, concert or formal event, when student dress may be adapted to take into account the need to relax restrictions in order to wear more formal gowns or dresses.

Our dress code also recognizes that the following items may not be worn in/at school;

Hats, visors, hoods, sweatbands, bandanas, sunglasses, chains, gloves, pajamas, slippers, lanyards and blankets

Belmont Middle School’s Dress Code applies to all school events including, but not limited to; special events, field trips, concerts and dances. If a student is wearing clothing that is deemed inappropriate, he/she will be asked to change and parents may be contacted.

Repeated failure to adhere to our school’s dress code will be subject to administrative action/consequences. The administrative team will make the final determination regarding matters that relate to our school’s dress code.

The Belmont Middle School community respectfully requests that all visitors honor our dress code. (SRSD Policy JICA)

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